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    Notice of Balance Adjustment

    Thank you for playing Godzilla Battle Line.

    Please find below details on the next balance adjustments from the operation team.

    In anticipation of player activity during the next All-Star Battle, alongside our review of the battle environment, adjustments have been made to coincide with the timing of the All-Star Battle scheduled for October 15 (Fri.).

    Background to the Adjustments

    Our goal in respect of Godzilla Battle Line is to create a game in which players can enjoy battling with their own team made up of a colorful array of battle pieces, each with their own unique and varied traits.
    Taking into account gameplay in ranked battles since the last round of adjustments, we have carried out adjustments to make it easier for less frequently utilized battle pieces to play an active role in battles.

    In addition, we have performed adjustments with the intent of making it easier for ranged attack units to play an active role in situations where a large number of units are on the battlefield at one time.
    We believe that these adjustments will make it easier for the affected units to be used in All-Star Battles.

    Specific balance adjustments are as follows.

    Parameter Adjustment Details

    – Reviewed the performance of less frequently used battle pieces and made adjustments so that they can be better used in combination with other battle pieces.

    Adjustments to Parameters of Specific Battle Pieces

    Biollante (Plant Beast Form)
    – Widened the attack range to make it easier to attack multiple units simultaneously.

    Hedorah (Mature Stage)
    – Increased attack.

    B-2 Spirit Stealth Bomber
    – Increased attack.

    Freezing Sonde
    – Made adjustments so that damage is dealt to enemy battle pieces within range when activated.

    The Psychic Chorus
    – Increased the recovery amount and growth rate upon leveling up.

    That concludes the balance adjustments.

    We will continue making adjustments to the game to ensure that all players can enjoy gripping ranked battles for a long time to come.

    For the next All-Star Battle, we have added new features to make each wave even more thrilling and greatly improved the rewards, including the addition of new battle pieces as a possible reward. We hope everyone is ready for a monstrous time!
    Finally, we’re also getting ready to announce some new features that will add even more excitement to Godzilla Battle Line in the near future. Stay alert!
    Thank you for your continued support of Godzilla Battle Line.

    From the Godzilla Battle Line Operation Team