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    Kiryu Descends! Launch of Celebratory Mi……

    The winner of the voting campaign becomes the latest battle piece!
    Kiryu, from the 2002 film “Godzilla Against Mechagodzilla”, will emerge onto the battlefield!
    In addition to missile attacks from ground troops when upon deployment, this units has a powerful ranged attacks.
    Assign Kiryu as the leader unit to activate his killer Special Move, effective even against Godzilla himself, Absolute Zero.
    Don’t miss the voice of Yumiko Shaku, who starred as Akane Yashiro in the film!

    4★ Kiryu

    You can deploy Kiryu by placing him anywhere on the battlefield.
    A SSM-1 missile strike first blows up the point of deployment, just like in the movie, before Kiryu makes his descent.
    Upon landing, Kiryu fires missiles from his back unit right towards opposing battle pieces! There are no limits to the capabilities of this ferocious fighter!
    Furthermore, assign Kiryu as the leader unit to harness its immensely powerful Special Move, Absolute Zero!
    Although its cost is high and it takes time to activate, this Special Move will take out 90% of the HP of enemies in a straight line!
    *Kiryu is not capable of evolving.

     ■ How to Acquire

    Kiryu can be discovered by exploring Expedition Maps obtained from ranked battles, as well as via Godzilla Pass Grade rewards.

    *The probability of discovering Kiryu differs for each Expedition Map.
    *The Godzilla Pass Grade reward will be available until maintenance on Nov. 29 (PST).
    *Kiryu will be discoverable via Expedition Maps even after the season ends.

     ■ The Pickup Expedition Map Available In the Shop!

    A limited edition pack has arrived to celebrate the introduction of the spectacular Kiryu unit, containing an National Institute for Defense Studies Expedition Map, with an increased chance of discovering Kiryu, and a poster of the 2002 film “Godzilla Against Mechagodzilla”(DVD Version)!

    Plus, if you purchase a Premium Godzilla Pass, you’ll be able to pick up another Kiryu at Grade 7, in addition to the normal Grade rewards!
    *Season rewards for the Premium Godzilla Pass will be available until maintenance on Nov. 29 (PST).
    *Posters are custom objects that can be used to decorate the Home screen.

     ■ New Special Missions!

    Special Missions are now available to mark the introduction of the Kiryu unit.
    Clear the special missions during the event period to win unit, posters, stickers, and even expedition maps!

    ・ Log in 7 days achieved during the period!
    Reward: 4★ Kiryu

    ・ Win 30 ranked matches with Kiryu(2002) in your team during the period!
    Reward: Kiryu Sticker

    ・ Watch ads 20 times during the period!
    Reward: Discover Kiryu “National Institute for Defense Studies Expedition Map”

    ・ Complete 15 expeditions during the period!
    Reward: “Godzilla: Tokyo SOS(2003)” Poster (Custom Object)

    Mission Period: Until Nov. 29 (Mon.) 20:59 (PST).
    *Please note that you will be unable to retrieve unlocked rewards after this period.

    Please refer to the following info on when battle stages are scheduled to appear.
    →Battle Stage Schedule
    We hope you will continue to enjoy playing Godzilla Battle Line.

    *Please note that the period and contents are subject to change.