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    A New Season Begins! The Legend Returns

    Happy New Year!

    Thank you for playing Godzilla Battle Line in 2021.
    Our team will give our all this year to bring you even more thrilling monster battles in 2022!
    We look forward to seeing you on the battlefield!

    ★ A New Season Begins ★

    The new season of “The Legend Returns” has started.
    It will run until January 30 (PST).
    *The Godzilla Pass has been reset for the start of the season.
    The maximum grade of the Godzilla Pass will be increased by 2 grades every day.

    If you purchase a Premium Godzilla Pass, you’ll be able to pick up another Godzilla(1954) at Grade 7, in addition to the normal Grade rewards!

    ★ Happy New Year Login Campaign ★

    Pick up one of the following items every day from your Present Box from December 31 to January 4 (PST)!

     12/31(Fri.):2022 G-stones
      1/ 1(Sat.):1954 G-tokens
      1/ 2(Sun.):1954 G-tokens
      1/ 3(Mon.):1954 G-tokens
      1/ 4(Tue.):1954 G-tokens

    Gifts will be distributed at 07:00 every day during the campaign period (on the first day, gifts will be distributed after maintenance on the previous day). The deadline for receiving gifts will be two weeks from the day they are distributed.
    *If you do not see it, please log in to the game again.

    Celebrate the new year with Godzilla Battle Line!

    ★ The Monster Lucky Bag 2022 is here! ★

    The Monster Lucky Bag 2022: Ultimate Pack and the Rainbow Pack, the Party Pack has arrived in our limited sale.
    Purchase period: Until January 5, 2022, 23:59 (PST)

    ■ Ultimate Pack The luckiest of Lucky Bags, featuring an Ultimate Expedition Map guaranteeing discovery of a 4★ unit of your choice, a “Godzilla Raids Again” movie poster, a black-and-white film-inspired custom background, a “Godzilla vs. Destoroyah” sticker, and a ton of G-tokens and G-stones!

    *You will be able to select one of the currently available 4★ battle pieces unlocked by Arena 36 in the “[4★ Choice] Ultimate Expedition Map (Lucky Bag 2022: Ultimate Pack Offer)”.
    *The lineup of units available as of January 1st (PST) will not change regardless of whether additional 4★ units are added in future updates.
    *Godzilla (2021) and Kong will be available for selection until maintenance on Jan. 30, 2022 (Sun.) (PST).

    ■ Rainbow Pack
    The Lucky Bag of your dreams, featuring a Legendary Expedition Map guaranteeing discovery of a 4★ unit, an illustrated “Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah” poster, a chibi King Ghidorah sticker, plus G-tokens and G-stones!

    ■ Party Pack
    A happy-go-Lucky Bag, featuring an expedition map with an increased chance of discovering a Godzilla (1954) unit, an illustrated poster of the giant shrimp monster Ebirah, plus G-tokens and G-stones!

    We hope you continue enjoying Godzilla Battle Line in 2022!