Godzilla Battle Line Gameplay Guide



What is Godzilla Battle Line?

Godzilla Battle Line is a real-time strategy game in which you take command of monsters and weapons to fight in battles.
It is a game in which you go all out to seize victory with your team while responding to sudden changes in the battle situation.
In Godzilla Battle Line, you have 3 minutes to defeat the enemy's leader monster using a team made up of your favorite monsters and weapons!
Collect trophies for each battle you win, and aim for first place in the global leaderboard!


Ranked Battles

1.Battle Basics

Ranked battles are the basic mode in the game, in which you compete in one-on-one matches against other players.
Tap the "Ranked Battle" button on the Battle screen to automatically match with a player with an ability level similar to yours, and let the battle begin!

The blue side closest to you on screen is your team, and the red side is the enemy team.
□ represents normal units, and △ represents leader units.

In Godzilla Battle Line, the monsters and weapons are called battle pieces.

The white boxes below are the battle pieces in your team, so let's start by deploying them onto the battlefield!

To deploy your battle pieces, simply drag and drop them onto the battlefield. Once deployed, the monsters and weapons will automatically target the enemy team's leader monster. When they approach an enemy, they will start to fight.


A player wins a ranked battle when the HP of their opponent's leader monster drops to 0within the time limit. The white boxes are the HP of each player's leader unit. This time, you managed to reduce the enemy leader unit's HP to 0, so your army wins!

3.Energy Cost

Deploying battle pieces and using your leader unit's Special Move requires energy.
During battle, the amount of energy you have increases as time passes, up to a maximum of 10.
By spending the specified amount of the green energy gauge, you can use a battle piece or a leader's Special Move.
The purple box displays the energy needed to deploy a battle piece.

Special Moves do not only deal powerful damage, but also have a range of special effects depending on the particular leader monster, such as giving your allies a temporary power boost.


By winning ranked battles, you can get your claws on a range of rewards!

Rewards for winning ranked battles include:

Watch your Rank rise as you collect more and more trophies!
Expedition Maps:
Embark on expeditions and discover new battle pieces!
Use them to upgrade your battle pieces, purchase items at the Shop, and more!
Godzilla Pass Points:
Collect to unlock Godzilla Pass Grades and earn a ton of special rewards!

In other words, seizing victory in ranked battles sets you on the right path to build an even stronger team of monsters!


The Arena

1.Seasons & How to Take Part

In the Arena, players compete based on the number of trophies earned in ranked battles during a set period of time, called a Season.
A Season lasts for about 1 month.

When the Season ends, you will receive rewards based on your Arena Rank at that time.
Competing in ranked battles automatically enters you into the Arena.
The more trophies you earn, the higher your Arena Rank. To rise through the ranks, all you need to do is compete in battles and emerge victorious!

2.Arena Rank

The Arena is divided into two leagues: the Normal League and the Legendary League.

Normal League: For players ranked up to Arena Rank 35.
Losing a battle does not reduce your trophy count or lower your rank.
Legendary League: For players ranked Arena Rank 35-65.
This is a cutthroat league in which losing a battle reduces your trophy count. If you fall below the required number of trophies for your current Arena Rank, you will go down a rank.

In addition, when one Season ends and another begins, you will automatically lose a set number of trophies.
Once you achieve a rank sufficient to enter the Legendary League, you cannot be demoted out of the league (i.e. to a rank below Arena Rank 35).


A Guide to Godzilla Battle Line

Never stop attacking.

This is the most simple but important tactic for winning ranked battles!
It wouldn't be clever to just deploy all your monsters without any strategy, but not sending out your monsters when you have the required energy is a surefire way to lose a battle!

Always keep an eye on your energy gauge as you deploy your monsters onto the battlefield.
Even if it looks like your team has the upper hand as the time is winding down, it's not over till it's over. Keep up the brutal attacks and pin down your opponent!


Team Formation

1.Team Balance

Build a team with the perfect energy cost balance!

Energy Cost Balance
If you only have high energy cost units, you'll only be able to deploy one unit when it's your chance to attack, and you won't be able to protect your leader from enemy attacks.
If you only have low energy cost units, you won't be able to deal any damage to your enemy or bring the battle to a decisive conclusion.
So, rather than building a team full of either high or low energy cost units, try to achieve a good balance of both high and low energy cost monsters.
Monster/Weapon Balance
Most monsters are strongest when attacking at close range, while weapons are generally best used to attack from a distance or directly target a specific area.

Make sure your team is well-balanced so you're fully prepared to tackle any situation in battle!

2.The Ideal Formation for Beginners

We recommend the formation below for players just starting out.

  • △ Monster with a high energy cost to deal damage to your opponent's leader: King Ghidorah, Mechagodzilla

    King Ghidorah


  • ○ Battle piece capable of aerial attacks: Rodan, Maser Cannon


    Maser Cannon

  • □ Battle piece capable of directly attacking a targeted area: Unmanned Train Bomb

    Unmanned Train Bomb

  • □ Monster to protect your leader in a pinch: Kamacurus Swarm

    Kamacurus Swarm

Just like that, you can build a well-balanced team capable of handling anything your opponent throws your way.

Let's practice in a friend match.

Share a room code to battle in a friend match!

You won't get any rewards for winning a friend match, but the results won't affect the Arena Leaderboard either.That makes them the perfect place to try out a new team formation or battle strategy!
You can also freely choose the battle stage,giving you the chance to figure out the best way to dominate each unique stage!

3.Selecting Your Leader Monster

While you must protect your leader unit, it's also the most fearsome attacker you have!

In Godzilla Battle Line, once your leader's HP drops to 0, it's game over.
That's why protecting your leader is incredibly important!
That being said, your leader can also go on the attack, and even boasts their own powerful Special Move!
When the enemy has you up against a wall, use your Special Move at just the right moment to turn the tables!

4.Leader Monster Abilities

Each leader has their own unique Special Move, so be sure to select a leader that suits your battle style.
Using a leader's Special Move will activate temporary special effects.

Godzilla: Increases damage dealt by allied units with an energy cost of 5+ on the battlefield for 15 seconds.
Mechagodzilla:Reduces the time it takes for facilities on the battlefield to generate allied units by 50% for 15 seconds.
Jet Jaguar:Increases the movement speed of allied long-range attacking units on the battlefield by 50% for 15 seconds.

Spacegodzilla, Biollate, Mothra,Gigan,Kong and Battra all have special moves too, so be sure to try out the different Special Moves as you collect new battle pieces!



You can use multiples of the same battle piece to upgrade your battle pieces!

In addition to a set number of battle pieces, G-tokens are also needed for upgrades.
Upgrading your battle pieces will increase their HP and damage.
Upgrade your favorite monsters, and build your own unique, invincible team!

Battle pieces and G-tokens can be obtained by winning ranked battles and exploring Expedition Maps, so the more battles you fight, the stronger you'll become!


Godzilla Pass

Under the Godzilla Pass, earning Godzilla Pass Points in battle increases your Grade and nets you Grade rewards.
Godzilla Pass Points can be obtained as a reward for winning ranked battles.

When you collect 10 Godzilla Pass Points, you'll go up a Grade.
The Godzilla Pass is reset every Season, and higher grades become unlockable as the days pass in each Season.
There are 50 Grades, from 1 to 50, and you will earn rewards every time your Grade increases.
You will be returned to Grade 1 when the Season ends, so be sure to take an active part in each Season, accumulate points, and obtain deluxe rewards!

You can also spend G-stones to raise your Grade, so make good use of them when you want to raise your Grade quickly!


The Shop

1.Useful Items in-Shop

In the Shop, you can use G-stones or G-tokens to purchase a variety of items.
You can also purchase some items via a direct payment.
There is a special pass and pack perfect for beginners, so we'll give you the rundown on them.

If you want to put together a strong team as quickly as possible and start winning battles right off the bat, the Premium Godzilla Pass and Head Start Pack have just what you need!

2.A Must-Have! The Premium Godzilla Pass

Premium Godzilla Pass ($4.99):
Be sure to pick up a Premium Godzilla Pass to get access to a range of premium rewards, as well as various perks for expeditions and the Daily Sale, until the end of the Season!

By playing a lot, you'll be able to unlock the ultimate Premium Godzilla Pass reward: the Legendary Expedition Map, which guarantees discovery of a 4★ battle piece, like King Ghidorah or Biollante.

You'll also get an unlimited number of scheduled expeditions, a greater range of items available for purchase in the Shop's Daily Sale, the ability to build more teams, a sparkling premium player name display, and much, much more. So, if you're just getting started with Godzilla Battle Line, you can't go past the Premium Godzilla Pass!

3.Head Start Pack

Head Start Pack ($14.99):
A special pack for beginners that can only be purchased once by each player!
This pack features a great selection of G-stones, G-tokens, and a Rare Expedition Map, which allows you to discover rare battle pieces.

Final Comment

Of course, there are an endless number of ways to enjoy Godzilla Battle Line. By winning battles, you'll increase your rank and start collecting many more monsters and weapons. Before you know it, you'll be well on the way to building your very own ultimate team!
Discover your own way to play, and get battling!

Then, get ready to take on the world!

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