Run Godzilla! A bizarre casual game where you raise Godzilla.


This is an idle game in which Godzilla and Kaiju become stronger while you're away.
In the village, the sun rises and sets day after day.

What you must remember is that Godzilla, Kaiju, and the villagers have only a limited amount of time.
One day, they will say goodbye.
Raise Godzilla and Kaiju well so they are ready to say goodbye when that time comes.

Don't worry! You can look back on the Godzilla you've raised even after they're gone.
Pass on their abilities to the next generation, and raise even stronger Godzilla and Kaiju!


*Please note that the screen is under development and may differ from the actual screen.

Offering prayer will make Godzilla and Kaiju stronger.
Gathering more villagers will increase the effectiveness of your prayer.
To gather villagers, you need diamonds.

Diamonds are produced by increasing the level of your factory.
If you keep increasing the level of your factory, the CO2 will get worse.
As the CO2 increases, the length of your villagers' stays will become shorter.

Share the apples with the villagers whose length of stay has become shorter.
You can collect apples in the village.

To collect apples, you need to reduce the CO2.
To do that, you have to win Godzilla Races.
To win Godzilla Races, you must pray for Godzilla and Kaiju.


*Please note that the screen is under development and may differ from the actual screen.

Nestled away on a planet where civilization has long since died out, there is a small village where you can raise Kaiju.


Game genre Simulation, Racing
OS iOS/Android
Price Free to play
(with optional in-game purchases)
Release Receiving rave reviews!


Game Design, Programming, Art

Fumishige Hokama