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    Announcement of Price Changes

    Thank you for playing Godzilla Battle Line.

    On September 19th, an announcement was made on Apple’s official website that the prices of in-app purchases will be revised for some regions.
    As Godzilla Battle Line provides simultaneous and uniform services to customers all over the world, it is difficult for us to respond to this situation by focusing on specific regions.
    The following policy has been decided upon after careful consideration by the operations team in response to Apple’s price revision.

    Following the scheduled maintenance on October 4th (PST), the contents of each item will be adjusted across all platforms (iOS, Android, and AndApp (PC)) based on the revised App Store Japanese price. This is intended to ensure that the value of the product for the revised purchase price will be close to the value before the change.

    For example:
    120 G-stones
    Purchase price: 120 JPY (Tier 1)
    Contents: 120 G-stones
    160 G-stones
    Purchase price: 160 JPY (Tier 1)
    Contents: 160 G-stones
    Head Start Pack
    Purchase price:
     1840 JPY (Tier 15)
     Legendary Expedition Map
     Rare Expedition Map
     500 G-stones
     5,000 G-tokens
    Head Start Pack
    Purchase price:
     2400 JPY (Tier 15)
     Legendary Expedition Map
     Rare Expedition Map
     1,000 G-stones
     5,000 G-tokens
    *The above is an example. Price revisions apply to all products.

    The following adjustments will be made for regions outside of Japan.

    App Store:
    Local price ranges will apply based on the product tier.
    *Please refer to Apple’s announcement for information on the regions subject to the App Store price revision.
    Google Play Store:
    Prices will be determined based on Japanese prices according to the exchange rate as of October 4th (PST).

    The price of the Premium Godzilla Pass is scheduled to change on October 4th (PST).
    Therefore, as of the October 2nd (PST) update, the pass will be updated so that players can earn an additional 500 G-stones in total across all grades, in addition to the same rewards as before.
    For players in the regions subject to the price revision, please consider purchasing the Premium Godzilla Pass before the maintenance scheduled for October 4th (PST) to save on your pass.

    – Scheduled date of price changes: October 4th (PST)

    The changes to each product will be made after the maintenance on October 4th (PST).
    *Please be aware that there may be discrepancies between in-game prices and the prices in each store if Apple’s price revisions come into effect before this time. In such a case, please be sure to check the price on the purchase screen of each store for the correct price.
    *Please note that it may take some time for the price changes to be reflected in each store depending on your device and network environment.

    We would like to thank all players of Godzilla Battle Line worldwide for their understanding regarding these price revisions.

    We will continue to strive to provide a better service so that all players can enjoy our game.
    We hope you continue to enjoy playing Godzilla Battle Line.