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    Notice of Balance Adjustment

    Thank you for playing Godzilla Battle Line.

    Please find below details on the next balance adjustments from the operation team.

    【Background to the Adjustments】

    In order to provide an exciting and evolving battle environment for all players of Godzilla Battle Line, we have adjusted the game’s balance to coincide with the start of the new season.
    This time, we have reviewed and adjusted the parameters of battle pieces with a low victory rate compared to their usage rate.
    The adjustments are as follows.

    【Adjustments to Parameters of Specific Battle Pieces】

    Battra (Imago)
    – Increased HP.

    Godzilla (Second Form)
    – Increased HP.

    Hedorah (Mature Stage)
    – Increased attack.

    B-2 Spirit Stealth Bomber
    – Increased HP.
    – Shortened the attack interval.

    Gigan (1972)
    – Increased HP.

    That concludes the balance adjustments.

    Hedorah and Desghidorah will be available as Leader units following an update at the end of this month.

    The new Leaders will have their own Special Moves, each with unique support effects to expand your tactics.

    Although no new battle pieces will be added in this update, we’re planning to introduce a variety of new units in the near future. Stay alert!

    We hope you’ll continue to enjoy monstrous showdowns in Godzilla Battle Line.

    From the Godzilla Battle Line Operation Team