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    Fire Rodan Descends! Launch of Celebrato……

    Fire Rodan, from the 1993 film “Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla II (1993)”, has swooped onto the battlefield!
    The evolved form of Rodan (1993), Fire Rodan soars swiftly towards his opponents before devastating them with his tremendous uranium heat beams.
    Just like his heroic final moments in the film, Fire Rodan also possesses the incredible ability to restore the HP of his surrounding teammates upon his death in battle!

    4★ Rodan(1993)

    Temporarily boosts the movement speed of surrounding battle pieces upon deployment.
    With a fast deployment speed, this is a unit that can be used in a variety of ways depending on the strategy employed.

    In addition to receiving a stat boost upon evolution, Fire Rodan is able to use uranium heat beams to attack!
    Temporarily boosts the movement speed of surrounding battle pieces upon deployment.
    Fire Rodan also makes for a valuable support unit, due to his ability to restore the HP of surrounding battle pieces at the moment of his death.
    *Neither Rodan (1993) nor Fire Rodan can be used as a leader monster.

     ■ How to Acquire

    Rodan(1993) can be discovered by exploring Expedition Maps obtained from ranked battles, as well as via Godzilla Pass Grade rewards.

    *The probability of discovering Rodan(1993) differs for each Expedition Map.
    *The Godzilla Pass Grade reward will be available until maintenance on Oct. 28 (PST).
    *Rodan(1993) will be discoverable via Expedition Maps even after the season ends.

     ■ The Pickup Expedition Map Available In the Shop!

    A limited edition pack has arrived to celebrate the introduction of the spectacular Rodan(1993) unit, containing an Adonoa Island Expedition Map, with an increased chance of discovering Rodan(1993), and a poster of the 1993 film “Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla II”!

    Plus, if you purchase a Premium Godzilla Pass, you’ll be able to pick up another Rodan(1993) at Grade 7, in addition to the normal Grade rewards!
    *Season rewards for the Premium Godzilla Pass will be available until maintenance on Oct. 28 (PST).
    *Posters are custom objects that can be used to decorate the Home screen.

     ■ New Special Missions!

    Special Missions are now available to mark the introduction of the Rodan(1993) unit.
    Clear the special missions during the event period to win posters, stickers, and even expedition maps!

    ・ Log in 7 days achieved during the period!
    Reward: Discover Rodan(1993) “Adonoa Island Expedition Map”

    ・ Win 30 ranked matches with Rodan(1964) in your team during the period!
    Reward: Rodan Sticker

    ・ Watch ads 20 times during the period!
    Reward: “Giant Monster Of The Sky” Title

    ・ Complete 15 expeditions during the period!
    Reward: “Ghidorah, the Three-headed Monster” (Toho Champion Festival) Poster (Custom Object)

    Mission Period: Until Oct. 14 (Thu.) 20:59 (PST).
    *Please note that you will be unable to retrieve unlocked rewards after this period.

    Please refer to the following info on when battle stages are scheduled to appear.
    →Battle Stage Schedule
    We hope you will continue to enjoy playing Godzilla Battle Line.

    *Please note that the period and contents are subject to change.